1. Starting a program of Gap Year Volunteers based on a version of Teach America, to teach in schools in Zimbabwe



2. Initiating a program of professionals to give their time and expertise to upskill Zimbabweans in the following areas:

• Sports Coaching

• STEM Teaching in High Schools

• Numeracy and Literacy teaching in Primary Schools

• Practical Skills


3. We are also looking for volunteer professional staff to help develop some of the program ideas outlined here.


4. Volunteers to commit to VOIP calls and video calls with classes to help improve spoken English, and linkages with the UK






1.  We aim to have a team of 10 volunteers from the United Kingdom / Ireland spend a period of 2 weeks to 3 months in Zimbabwe between July and September 2021.


2.  To work with 50 schools to facilitate resource provision in 2021 and grow this by 10% each year during the horizon period.