The last 2 decades have seen an acceleration in the environmental degradation of natural habitats across the world.  Forests and natural habitats cleared, and poaching of endangered species is endemic. 


Sustainable use-age of the incredible natural environment is a key development issue, if not a survival issue for us all.


Linkages with some of the most respected environmental experts can take children out of the classroom and show them the wonders that lie around them.


There are currently a number of campsites in Zimbabwe that offer small groups the opportunity to go into the African bush and gain an understanding of the ecosystems around them.  


Zimbabwe’s natural environment; its diverse wildlife, fauna and flora are one it it’s most important resources.  It is vital for young people to understand its importance, both from a financial and from a human point of view.




Every child should:

1.  Gain insight into the incredible environmental resources in Zimbabwe.

2.  Understand the importance of the ecosystems, not only to themselves, but also to the wider world.

3. Be aware of the economic potential that is inherent in the wilderness areas, and their part in sustainability.