While it is generally accepted that ‘No man is an island’, the notion of isolationism appears to be growing.  ‘Brexit’, ‘America First’, and many other movements seem to be working on the principle that we can exist in our own communities, without being affected by global affairs.

The principle that ‘A butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil causing a snowstorm in Belarus’ not only applies to meteorological phenomena – it also applies to communities.  Conflicts, poverty and deprivation in other parts of the world will cause a metaphorical storm in our own communities.

As more research is carried out into how we are built, we are learning how important we are as nodes in a network.  As individuals, we thrive when we are most connected.  Our health, ability to learn and happiness are all dependant on being important parts of our communities, which in turn are linked to other communities.

We are grateful for the opportunities and experiences we have had, and we want to help others reach their potential, by helping provide the best environment for them to grow and thrive.

We know that each person who is impacted, can in turn impact many others.  This chain of positive development is the only way for Africa to reach its potential, and for its communities to thrive.