We aim to ensure access to quality education for all children.


Building on the foundation of the existing Distance Education Curricula available in Zimbabwe, and on published experience around the world, it is possible to give children access to basic education very cost effectively.


Providing a basic meal, a safe space, a teaching assistant and self study material, can ensure that vulnerable children can still learn effectively.


Shipping containers are cheap and readily available.  They provide a secure space for the children, equipment and material, especially in urban settings.  They are easily modified, and easily transportable, and hence are ideal for this purpose.


Our container school design consists of 3 containers.  Two are used as study centres accommodating 20 children each, and the third is used as an ablution block.  A shade / outdoor area is provided by a Kroftman container shelter.




In 2020 we aim to open at least one container school in Harare, following the outlined design shown.


1.  Enrol 20 children from low incomes or street children who are currently excluded from normal school.


2.  Provide at least one good meal a day to these children.


3.  Accept, train and empower 5 volunteers to work as teaching assistants to ensure that the children are maintaining their academic progress