Identifying the children who are subject to abuse, bullying, addiction or other factors (including mental health) that need interventions.


Early identification is vital, but then most schools do not have people and systems in place to carry out the necessary interventions.


Suicide is currently the biggest killer of young people, particularly young men.  This is a particularly sad emergency that is breaking the hearts of families and communities.  Attempted suicides and self harming incidents have also skyrocketed in teenagers.


Young teens have to navigate difficult waters at schools, and are often mentally and emotionally ill-equipped to come through unscathed.


There are strategies for scaffolding, support, guidance and interventions that can bring strength and success to young people who might be at risk.





• Developing an early warning system to alert school administrators and teachers to investigate


• Creating structures so that school administrators and teachers can take appropriate action to get the child the required help.


• Guidance, Intervention, Counselling or other appropriate action networks set up